Detective Division

The Detective Division consists of five investigators who are primarily responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes committed against people or property in the city of Tifton.

All criminal reports written by Tifton Police Department Officers are forwarded to the detective division for assessment. The reports are reviewed for facts and information which would lead detectives to the identity of a suspect.

Solvability Factors

Solvability factors are used to determine if a case is assigned. Some of these factors are clear descriptions that will identify the perpetrator(s), license tag information, direct knowledge of who committed the crime, physical evidence that can be used to identify the perpetrator(s) or witnesses who are able to identify the perpetrator(s). Other factors may also be used to determine appropriate assignment.

The Detective Division is located at:
Tifton Police Department
527 Commerce Way                                                                                                                                       
Phone: (229) 391-3914
Fax: (229) 388-9589