Wastewater & Sewage

About Us

The City of Tifton operates one wastewater treatment facility, the Tifton Regional Wastewater Treatment Complex (TRWTC), that has a capacity of 8,000,000 gallons per day. The City of Tifton has developed an Industrial Pretreatment Program in concert with the EDP and works with industries in Tifton to control the discharge of metals and other harmful pollutants into the treatment plant. The program goal is to cooperate with industries to keep their raw material out of the sewer system and utilize them as products. This helps the industry while preventing damage to the treatment system and the environment. Industrial customers discharging water used for industrial processes or large volumes of cooling water and other material into the sanitary sewer system of the City of Tifton must obtain a permit for such discharge. The program is administered by the Water/Wastewater Superintendent.

Water & Wastewater Plant Tours

The City of Tifton Water and Wastewater plants are open to the public for tours, and personnel are available for lectures on environmental subjects. Persons wishing to view the plants are requested to call the Wastewater Treatment Complex (229) 386-2115 during normal office hours to schedule a tour. Groups of up to 20 people may be accommodated at one time if proper notice is given.

Stopped Sewers

Most sewer stoppages in individual buildings are caused by roots or by grease in the lines owned by the property owner. However, if water is flowing from the plumbing and no water has been run into any fixture in the building, please call the Wastewater Department (229) 391-3949 during office hours, 7:30am to 5:00pm, and 911 after hours immediately, and personnel will be sent to check the city mains.

If the plumbing fixtures simply will not drain, the property owner is advised to call the City of Tifton first before calling a plumbing repair service to have their lines checked. If the City of Tifton personnel finds the blockage is on the owner's side, the owner is then responsible for contacting a plumbing repair service to correct the problem.