Business Licenses

New Business Licenses

All businesses within the City of Tifton must obtain a City business license prior to opening. The fee for a license is contingent on the business type, classification and annual gross income of your business. Visit the City Clerk's office located at Tifton City Hall, 130 E. 1st Street E, to obtain more information and/or forms required for obtaining an occupational license. Certain business inspections such as fire, zoning, building code, sanitation, etc., will be required before an occupation tax certificate will be issued.

Business License Process

1. Verify the Zoning and Business Location Meets the City's Requirements
2. Complete and Submit a Business License Application to Tifton City Hall
3. Schedule and Complete All Required Business Inspections and/or Approvals
4. Once All Inspections/Approvals are Met, the License is Ready to be Issued
5. Pay for and Pickup Business License Certificate at Tifton City Hall
6. Open for Business!

Business License Renewals

Online Business License Renewals Require a Two-Step Process:

  1. Please email us the renewal form and gross receipt documentation. Your renewal will be processed within five business days and an invoice with payment instructions will be emailed back for paying your bill online.
  2. Online renewals and payments require users to create an account online and link the business to the account using the web pin located on the renewal form. If you log-in prior to emailing your renewal info, your account may reflect a zero or estimated balance for the amount due and the payment option will be locked. Click Here to Register Online.

For more information on how to register or link your account online, see the registration instructions (PDF).

If you have already registered, login and pay your bill.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our office at (229) 391-3940 or by email