Gas Appliance On-Bill Financing

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The Main Street On-Bill Finance Program provides homeowners with financing options for the installation of natural gas appliances. 


- Applicant must be a City of Tifton residential homeowner and have a good utility payment history for a minimum of 2 years with the City
- The monthly loan can only be billed to a residential account, not a business account. 
- The maximum loan amount is $7,500. Any additional amount must be billed separately and paid by the homeowner.
- The maximum loan term is 60 months. Homeowners will have a choice of a 12-, 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-month term. 
- The loan payment will be added to the homeowner's monthly utility bill at a 0% interest rate. 
- A $3 administration fee will be added to the homeowner's monthly utility bill for the duration of the loan. 


1. Request a quote from a contractor(s).

2. Once the homeowner has selected a contractor, complete the Residential Homeowner Loan Application.

    - Contractor's name is required, and a quote must be uploaded to the application.

    - If the contractor is not verified by the City of Tifton, the contractor needs to complete and submit the Vendor Application in order to receive payment. 

3. The homeowner will receive a confirmation email whether the loan application has been approved or denied in one business day.

4. If approved, the homeowner can move forward with the appliance(s) installation. 

5. Once installation work is complete, the homeowner must complete the Homeowner Installation Form

    - All final invoices (totaling less than $7,500) will need to be uploaded to the form.

    - Both the homeowner and contractor will need to sign the form. 

6. Once the Homeowner Installation Form is submitted and approved, the City will submit payment to the contractor.


7. The loan payment amount and administration fee will be on the next monthly utility bill. 

8. If the homeowner wants to make an overpayment or pay the loan in full, contact the City of Tifton Billing Department at (229) 391-3957.


Contact the Customer Service Department at (229) 391-3957 during business hours or email