Ricky Hobby
Solid Waste Director

P. O. Box 229
Tifton, GA 31793
(229) 556-7406

Sanitation and Recycling Collection Services

Golden Environmental has contracted to service all of City of Tifton and Tift County Sanitation Customers.

City of Tifton Sanitation Customers - curbside services available are as follows:
          • Household garbage              
          • Recyclables 
          • Bulky waste
          • Yard debris

In the link below is the City of Tifton Recycle Pickup Calendar. The calendar is color coded by each zone in the City. Please note that your trash can will be emptied every week on your current pickup day, while your recycling can will be emptied every other week on your current trash pickup day.

2020 City of Tifton Recycle Pickup Calendar

Yard Debris/Waste Q&A Specifications

Please see the attached City of Tifton-Golden Environmental contract for specifics. 
City of Tifton-Golden Environmental – Solid Waste Contract

Tift County Sanitation Customers - curbside services available for one or more of the following:
         •  Household garbage              
         • Recyclables  
         • Bulky waste
         • Yard debris

2020 Tift County Recycle Pickup Calendar

Please see the attached Tift County-Golden Environmental contract for specifics.  

Tift County-Golden Environmental Solid Waste Contract

If you need further information about these services, you may contact Golden Environmental.
Phone:  229-382-0309
Email:  goldenenv@att.net

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