Adopt-a-Tree Application

Request a free planting on the right-of-way along your property or volunteer to "Adopt a Tree" for care.

I/we affirm my/our commitment to the initial care of one or more tree(s) on the right-of-way or public park/grounds.

I/We agree to water and maintain any such tree(s) for the first 3 years after planting by the city. I/we will follow the watering and care instructions provided by the City of Tifton, so as to ensure their survival.

I/we further understand that the City reserves the right to remove any tree planted pursuant to Adopt-A-Tree Program when such removal is deemed in the public interest, and that no compensation or such removal will be made by the City to the homeowner/organization. In the event of any such removal, the City agrees to restore the location to as near its former condition as is feasible.


 Tifton Tree Board
 Board Member Term Ends  Appointed By 
Lori Felton  March 2021  City 
George Vellidis  March 2020  City
Jimmy Felton   March 2020  City 
Al Potts  March 2021  City
Theresa Ryan  March 2021  City