City of Tifton Drought Response

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has been monitoring climatic indicators and water supply conditions to assess drought and severity. Because of severe to extreme drought conditions, the Director of the Georgia EPD has declared a Level 1 Drought Response for 103 Georgia Counties which includes Tift County. This therefore requires the City of Tifton-Tift County water system to implement a water conservation campaign.

The outdoor use schedule required under the Water Stewardship Act of 2010 remains in place. It limits outdoor water use year-round to the hours of 4 pm and 10 am. There are several exceptions to this limitation listed at

The City of Tifton urges our customers to take measures to conserve water by utilizing the following suggestions:

  • Only water your landscape when necessary. Adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk, or street.
  • Regularly check for and repair leaks inside and outside your home.
  • Turn the faucet off while shaving, brushing teeth, and face washing.
  • Outdoor water use for any purpose other than watering of plants, such as power washing or washing cars, is still restricted to the current odd/even watering schedule. Odd-numbered addresses can water on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Even-numbered addresses can water on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

For additional information, please contact the City of Tifton Water Treatment Department at (229)386-2115.

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