Give HEAT to a family in need this winter

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This year, more than ever, individuals are finding it difficult to pay their utility bills as a result of circumstances brought on by COVID-19. You can help less fortunate families who can’t afford to heat their homes this winter through the Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT), a program that provides funds to help people pay their energy bills. The money donated to HEAT is distributed by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. Since HEAT was established in 1983, more than $27 million has been distributed to nearly 110,000 families throughout the state.

Your gift now will allow HEAT to extend its reach even further.  Recipients of funds could be a family whose breadwinner lost their job or is working reduced hours; or a single parent with small children; or an elderly couple trying to get by on a fixed income. The need is overwhelming. If you are interested and are able to make additional contributions in the coming months, please call the City of Tifton at 229.391.3957 or HEAT at (678) 406-0212 if you have any questions. On behalf of others who will stay warm this winter because of your gift, thank you.