PRESS RELEASE: Arrests made in Tifton entering-auto cases


Arrests made in Tifton entering-auto cases

 December 21, 2020 – Over the last few months, Tifton Police Department has seen a spike of entering-auto cases, with the majority of the vehicles involved unlocked. Over the course of the investigation, Tifton Police Department has been working to combat the issue and arrest those responsible for the incidents. As a result, the Tifton Police Department has arrested six individuals in the past week in connection to the most recent cases of entering-autos. There are outstanding warrants on other individuals suspected of involvement. These cases are still ongoing and detectives are actively following leads. Tifton Police will continue to patrol the neighborhoods and areas that are being affected.

“We have been stressing to the public the importance of locking vehicles and removing valuables for months now. We are still seeing incidents of vehicles left unlocked, often with weapons inside, that are being entered by people walking along pulling on door handles. Several of the weapons that were stolen were used in some of our recent violent crimes in the area. Many of the lockdowns at local schools are due to gunshots being fired in the area from weapons taken from unlocked vehicles. These individuals keep coming back to your neighborhoods because of the number of people who do not secure their property. While we are ramping up control in neighborhoods, we ask you to do everything you can to make it hard for thieves to be successful,” said Tifton Police Department Chief Steve Hyman.

We continue to encourage you to lock your vehicles and to not leave valuables inside your vehicle, especially out in the open. We ask that you secure your firearms in locations other than your vehicle when it is unoccupied. It is vital that if you encounter an entering-auto incident or notice anyone suspicious in your neighborhood to not approach the individual and immediately dial 911.  Especially during the holiday season, it is more important than ever to remain diligent and aware of your surroundings.

If you have information regarding entering-auto cases, please call the Tifton Police Department Tip Line at 229-391-3991.