PRESS RELEASE: City of Tifton Transitions to New Garbage Collector


City of Tifton Transitions to New Garbage Collector

TIFTON, GEORGIA – December 29, 2020, The City of Tifton has contracted with Ryland Environmental for all residential and commercial solid waste collections inside the City of Tifton. This change will become effective on January 1, 2021, and was done through an official city ordinance.

Golden Environmental has been the exclusive contract provider for residential and solid waste for the City of Tifton for the last six years but after a thorough review by the solid waste committee and many discussions about complaints and service-related issues, the collection contract was put out to bid to evaluate comparable services, pricing, and value.

During the bidding process, the City provided the service provider every opportunity to work out the issues and commit to the value-added services for the community. However, during recent negotiations, a request was made by the service provider to increase the monthly residential rate from $19.41 to $19.91 per household. The elected officials did not feel this was the best decision to make for the residents.

To continue the process, Ryland Environmental, who was the low bidder in the Request for Proposals, was contacted about their pricing and service. They confirmed that their rates were still valid and that they were willing to lock in the price of $19.33 per home per month for five years. The price includes once a week garbage collection, once per week yard trash collection, once per week bulk item collection, and every other week curbside recycling collection.

Commercial garbage collection has been part of the exclusive contract with Golden Environmental for the last six years. The reasoning behind this type of agreement is to protect the City from having multiple haulers and different containers scattered around collection points. It also is a way to make sure pricing is consistent and in line for services rendered. Pricing for commercial containers is based on the size and number of times a can is emptied per week so it will vary. However, the price between both haulers is very comparable. Ryland Environmental will be providing all commercial customers a new container and will be utilizing a new collection vehicle so this will be a professional enhancement to businesses and a way to keep our city much cleaner. 

The City is working closely with Ryland Environmental to obtain accurate information from commercial customers. Ryland Environmental had to essentially start over to produce customer information, service levels, and costs since no information was provided by the current contractor.

The City of Tifton is hoping for a smooth transition as we shift to the new garbage provider. The City of Tifton will be assisting Ryland Environmental in answering any questions and to provide input on how they can best serve our community. Their office is located on Love avenue and are considered a local company doing business now in Tifton and surrounding cities in Southeast Georgia. Ryland Environmental can be reached at 229-382-4411 or call Tifton City Hall at 229-382-6231 for any questions.

Tips During Garbage Collection Transition:

  • Do not place any garbage or waste into Ryland Environmental containers until January 1, 2021, unless your current container has been removed.  
  • The new trucks provided by Ryland Environmental are automated side loaders so it is vitally important that residential cans are faced in the correct direction, which is indicated on the lid of the can. It is also important that containers are four feet away from any obstruction, such as mailboxes, telephone poles, and other containers.
  • The City of Tifton encourages you to evaluate your business needs with Ryland regarding your dumpster service to see if there are ways to lower your bill even further.