Deposits & Due Dates


All deposits are required from the applicant as a guarantee of payment of final bills and for the protection of the City’s property on customers’ premises. Deposits must be paid when applying for services. If you have any outstanding bill(s), they must be paid in full. A valid identification is required for service to be connected.


  • Valid Picture I.D. 
  • Rental or Lease Agreement
  • Social Security Card
  • Deposits

Deposit Amounts:

  • Water $50
  • Sewer $50
  • Gas $50
  • Garbage $18.33 

Please contact Golden Environmental at 229-382-0309 for County garbage deposits.

Due Dates

You can find your due date on the top right corner of your statement.

The City of Tifton has four different due dates which depends on the location of your residence. 

If you have questions, please call Customer Service at (229) 391-3957.

Senior Citizens, retirees, Social Security recipients of State or Federal Assistance Programs who receive a monthly check will be allowed to pay their current utility bill on specified date each month without penalty. Pre-approval is required through the Customer Service Center located at 130 1st St. E. or you can call (229) 391-3957. The late penalty will be assessed if payment is not received by pre-established date.

Bills must be received in the cashier's office located in City Hall at 130 1St. E. by 5:00 PM on due date to avoid a late penalty.

If payment not received by due date, your utility bill will be assessed a late penalty of 10% of the monthly bill.