Fire Prevention

Inspections Office

The Office of Inspections within the Tifton Fire Department handles a variety of types of inspections that are necessary for community safety. The types of inspection that are commonly performed by this office are indicated and described below. Our inspectors' highest concern and priority is the safety of patrons visiting the establishment as well as the owner's safety within the establishment. There are many codes that must be followed in order to maintain the highest level of safety for the community, as well as the firefighters while responding to the incident.


The inspectors are available to answer questions that a new tenant, owner or developer may have. Consultations can be provided after purchase/rental of an occupancy as well as prior to purchase/rental of an occupancy. 

Business License Inspection

These inspections are conducted prior to the opening of a new business in the community. Every new business is required to go through this process to ensure the safety of the business owners and the visiting patrons.

Annual Inspection

These inspections are conducted annually to ensure proper compliance with fire codes. They are scheduled to ensure the necessary personnel are present to address and correct any code violations that are hazardous to life safety.  

Fire Plan Review

The inspector responsible for fire plan reviews verifies that construction documents comply with all applicable building, fire and life safety codes for fire protection and life safety requirements. This verification is for the safety of all owners, tenants, occupants and/or patrons.  

Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Acceptance Test

The inspectors conduct fire alarm and/or sprinkler acceptance tests in commercial businesses. This is a verification that either system is in proper operating condition and is in compliance with necessary codes. This test can be conducted on either new commercial businesses or on new systems in old commercial businesses. 

Pre-Incident Plan

The fire department as a whole completes pre-incident plans on the non-residential buildings in the community. These plans are conducted in order to update information on the building as well as the occupants in case of emergencies. The details collected and updated during these plans are very important for the mitigation of an emergency. 

Investigations Office

The Office of Investigations in the Tifton Fire Department handles a variety of incidents. There are currently two fire investigators within the department. There is extensive training required in order to be certified as a fire investigator, and the investigators maintain a minimum of 40 hours of continued education each year. Investigation reports are completed in order to maintain accurate files on our incidents and to assist the department and investigators in the future.