Public Education

Child Safety Seat

The proper installation of child passenger safety seats is very important. The Tifton Fire Department takes safety very seriously and wants to provide assistance in any capacity. The department currently has two (2) Child Passenger Safety Technicians that can assist with car seat installations. Please call the station in order to make an appointment with one of the technicians to assist with the car seat installation. These individuals partake in continued education each year in order to maintain up to date with techniques and the newer car seats that are constantly changing. 


Smoke Detectors

The Tifton Fire Department has an established smoke detector program. The program consists of City of Tifton residents can receive up to two (2) free smoke detectors for their home. Assistance and direction for proper installation is available. The smoke detector has been able to provide a great deal of safety and assistance to the community. Within the program the recipients are given instruction and direction about proper smoke detector maintenance and installation. The program also provides additional forms of fire prevention that may vary depending on applicability of the household.


The Tifton Fire Department is very glad to visit schools and daycares for Touch-A-Truck safety talks. During these visits the firefighters discuss fire safety and provide tips to the children and the adults present as well as touching-the-truck. The firefighters get dressed in their firefighting gear to demonstrate what firefighters look like during emergencies. It is common to be asked during these visits that when leaving the firefighters to turn on the lights and the siren as they drive away for the children. In order to set up a visit the school or daycare must call the station and make an appointment. 

Station Tours

The Tifton Fire Department is welcoming to station tours for families within the community as well as local schools. Station tours include fire safety talks and tips as well as touching-the-truck. For schools to experience a station tour they must call the station and make an appointment. When schools visit the fire station they are also accompanied by Sparky the Fire Pup as well as experience our fire safety house. Families that wish to experience the fire station they are free to stop in when they are available with the possibility of the fire trucks not being in the station as a consideration. Each member of the department must participate in a variety of training and other responsibilities which may lead to the fire trucks not being present at the time when a family visits. 

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Fire extinguishers are the most common fire extinguishing tools that is available to each and every person in an area. Fire extinguishers can be extremely beneficial when used properly. The Tifton Fire Department offers fire extinguisher classes to businesses and other entities upon request. The class consists of review and discussion of different types of extinguishers as well as a simulation of using a fire extinguisher. All personnel present for the class and participated will receive a certificate of completion of training. 

CPR Classes

CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, meaning that when a person's heart stops beating they are in need of CPR. The Tifton Fire Department has three (3) members that are certified CPR instructors. The instructors with the department are certified through American Heart Association (AHA). They all are capable of teaching initial certification or renewal certification for Heartsaver for the lay person and Basic Life Support (BLS) for medical personnel. In order to schedule a class with any of our instructors, please call the station. Each class is conducted with a video presentation and with the use of manikins to practice proper technique. When scheduling please attempt to do so with plenty of time prior to the expiration of your certification.